Our country is divided in so many ways, with a growing chasm between men and women. The news cycle is discouraging. Emotional and physical toxicity is affecting our health and well-being. There are words for what is happening. We are suffering from an empathy deficit disorder.

The good news is there is a way out. Healing starts with reexamining our modern myths about how we work, what “quality time” at home really means, and why the age-old battle of the sexes persists. Is there a way to come together in this era of bitterness, distrust, #MeToo, and #HimToo? Empathy Deficit Disorder sets the table for that new way.

Empathy Deficit Disorder: Q&A with Jackie

Praise for Empathy Deficit Disorder:

“The Cleveland Division of Police is undergoing a significant transformation as we purposefully abandon the “warrior” mindset to embrace a more empathetic “guardian” culture. Since 2016, Jackie Acho and Monica Tanase-Coles have been wonderful partners throughout this journey of change. With their guidance and support, we have recognized the importance of the vast talent, skills and passion that waits to be tapped from our rank and file. We have realized that the success of this transformation depends on the efforts of our officers and our willingness to support them. We cannot expect our officers to empathetically and compassionately engage with the public if we do not do this in our own house first.

Through an in-depth diagnostic survey, Jackie and Monica provided a raw, honest and sobering look at how our employees feel about their work with the Division of Police. By utilizing the results of the survey and incorporating a leadership model, we have created an internal innovation team whose job it has been to prioritize items of concern, identify solutions and implement plans. We have been given an eye-opening opportunity to realize our collaborative potential in a healthy, constructive and exciting way.

Jackie Acho certainly brings experience and knowledge into the work she has done with us, however, her generosity, passion and compassion are the qualities that have made the difference in making hard work a joy to do.”

Brandon Kutz

Commander, Cleveland Police Fourth District

“Jackie and Eva’s message offers real cause for hope. For those who are sick of the cynical zeitgeist, I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. The revolution of the future will hinge on the empathy-inducing “co-creation” explained so masterfully and entertainingly in these pages. This book is a convincing read whether one is a Democrat, Republican or like me a left leaning Libertarian.” 

Detective Chris Gibbons

Cleveland Police Department

“Acho and Basilion understand that caring for and listening to children–their own children, in the deepest sense–promotes empathy in the children and enhances the parents’ own capacities for empathy. They have taken this simple but profound understanding and skillfully applied it, not only to their spouses, but to the work force, corporations, and the inner-connectivity of the internet—all with the vision of creating a more functional world. Empathy Deficit Disorder is an uplifting, inspiring book. It makes you think. It makes you smile. And it makes you feel more hopeful than you did before you picked it up!”

Barbara Streeter

Director of the Hanna Perkins School and Faculty Chair of the Cleveland Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Training Program

“Titled rather simply, this book is a kaleidoscope of human experience. The authors dig deep into their own life experiences, giving us glimpses into their very core. They fortify their experiences with wicked intellect, and then they add soul—the kind that reveals our collective humanity. Then they apply it to life. From the C-suite, to the network, to parenthood, Acho and Basilion examine the conflicts embedded in these areas and then offer us a better way: choosing empathy. The book will cause you to self-examine. It will provoke you to think, and think again. It will drive you to be your sister’s keeper, and your brother’s, and your neighbor’s too.”

Harold V. Jones

Executive Vice President of Eaton Business System & Sustainability, Eaton Corporation

A powerful message at an important time
“The authors of Empathy Deficit Disorder launch with a persuasive case for empathy, and continue to prescribe ways to elevate empathy to the power it has held since the beginning of the human narrative. With an intelligent and provocative style enriched with a wealth of research, the book invites us to question the implicit and insidious beliefs we continue to hold about work and home, family and leadership, parenting and gender. We learn how empathy is the magic sauce to our relationship to time and innovation. The future of the planet will to a large degree remain the legacy of the future of empathy.”

Jack Ricchiuto

Author of Accidental Conversations

Enlightened empathy!
“This book was very enjoyable to read. I learned a lot and even better I gained a lot of hope in it’s pages. When I was in nursing school back in the ‘80’s my father would tell people I was studying to be a “medical professional” and it was not uncommon for patients to actually ask if I was a “male nurse”? We’ve come a long way since then, and this book furthers us all on our path towards enlightenment. Thank you Jacqueline and Eva for sharing your wisdom and insight!”

Mark E Domann

Clinical Research Consultant, Nurse

“This book does an exceptional job of revealing the ‘root cause’ of much that ails us as a society. The authors artfully explain how we got here and how we can use the ‘universal medicine’ of empathy to heal in every arena of our lives. The genuine experiences they express along with tangible ways to make positive changes make this a very user friendly resource. I highly recommend it!”

Kathryn Passov

Wisdom for the leader of any organization
“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book–fresh ideas, easy to read, lots of personal & interesting stories and examples of what makes a modern, empathetic leader (whether in the workplace or at home). Sheds light on what’s missing in our work environments and how we can improve our understanding of ourselves and others. I’m buying a copy of this book for my boss!”

S. Goldberg

What a Wonderful World (It Would Be)
“I hear babies cry, I watch them grow, they’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know and I say to myself What a Wonderful World”. These beautiful words from the song “Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole make me think that If parents, teachers or anyone who has any influence on children read “Empathy Deficit Disorder” the world would be MORE wonderful for future generations. Although it’s not too late for us seniors to be inspired by this book also.

Dee Acho

Be ready to be fully engaged.
“Simply essential and sincere; fully engaged out of the gate. I’ve purchased the book for national two leadership consultants I know, and I believe it’s a must read for anyone and everyone in the field of professional and personal coaching.”

Jean Robertson

General Counsel, Beck Aluminum

Upending the leadership pyramid
“This book analyzes and reflects leadership in a refreshing way, debunking the “leader at the top” model. Instead, the authors demonstrate how leadership is “dialogue; inclusive; for wise, whole people; and co-creative” (among other things). Rather than focusing on the more mechanical steps required to be an effective leader, the book examines how integrating empathy into the core of leadership will result in healthier and more successful outcomes. Overall, the authors take an innovative approach to considering the role of empathy in our lives.”

Alexis Abramson

Dean of the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College

A much-needed perspective
“This book – which is so perfectly titled – expertly shows the causes and symptoms of a pervasive lack of empathy in our society. Such an important perspective and remedy for the harm it causes when other ‘successful’ people essentially promote lack of empathy as a feature, not a bug. Very well written, with real-life examples. Highly recommended to anyone with any concern for personal growth, and promoting the well-being of others.”

Steve Acho

Technology Staffing Executive | Business Development Professional | Published Author | Bilingual Consultant | Musician

Thoughtful, holistic solution to so many challenges!
“Society seems to be suffering from an incredible number of deep seated challenges – mean spirited political dialog, inability to embrace diversity, the challenge of finding work family balance, increased levels of depression and suicide, lack of human connection, more anxiety and loneliness. An overwhelming and apparently insoluble list. This book provides a well-researched, thoughtfully constructed and hopeful roadmap to address and solve so much of what challenges us all today. Highly recommended.”

John LeMay

Partner, Bluepoint Capital Partners

An Antidote to Our Empathy Deficit Disorder


An Antidote to Our Empathy Deficit Disorder

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